Quinn Moran

Quinn Moran



Musical Theatre | Straight Plays | Film/TV


Hey! I'm Quinn Moran, and I'm an actor based in Fort Worth, Texas.


If I could split my childhood up into sections, I think they'd look something like this: Buzz Lightyear (4-5), Spider-Man (6-7), Batman (8-9), with Anakin Skywalker thrown in at 8.5. With all of these personas it's no wonder I became an actor, but my acting journey didn't start on the stage.

Until the age of 16, the only performances I was in were on the field. I was a varsity lacrosse player by the time I was 16, but an injury took me out of my cleats, and into the Troy High School Auditorium. There I auditioned for my first play, and I've been hooked ever since.